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Pink Ribbon Bag

The Pink Ribbon Bag, a gift bag full of items that educate, support, and provide comfort and hope to women as they begin their healing journey, is given to women newly diagnosed with breast cancer.


The Pink Ribbon bags are distributed through physician's offices, the American Cancer Society, support and healthcare facilities, the ProScan Pink Ribbon Centers and a thriving network of community leaders and people who call the fund when they learn of a woman who has been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Thousands of Pink Ribbon Bags have been distributed to 36 states. 

click here to request a Pink Ribbon Bag to be sent to someone recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

A Thankful Message

"How can I say thank you for my Pink Ribbon bag? It meant more to me that words could possibly express. I love you all. After a seven day stay in the hospital, a welcome treat arrived at our home. It brought tears to my eyes. It is so comforting when you are fighting cancer that others care. I will treasure your gift and your thoughtfulness always. My Pink Ribbon Bag has given me the inspiration once again…"

---Jeanne P., Pink Ribbon Bag Recipient

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